We have very few operating costs. We did this fairly intentionally as this show was never a thing to make money, rather it was a thing we wanted to do for fun.

However, one thing that we can’t do very well (for free, anyway) is provide transcripts of our episodes for hearing impaired visitors or people who just don’t want (or don’t have time) to listen to a full episode. We would like to do this, but, of course, this introduces operating costs.

We don’t have a Patreon, and we’re not likely to in the future, but we can slap a button on our site and have it go to a PayPal page where you can donate a beer or a coffee or the equivalent and we can try to get some transcripts done.

Or you can volunteer your time and your brain (and your patience) and actually transcribe our episodes for us. That would be neat and we’d give you lots of props on the show.

Or if you want us to, like, namedrop your brand or something, you can sponsor a show. It costs $24 to transcribe a month’s worth of Binary Jazz episodes, so you could sponsor the show for a month. Or you could sponsor a single show for $6. Either way, you can give us some cash and we will mention your company or organization and talk about what you do and thank you profusely. We can do that.

Volunteer to transcribe