BinJazzConf 2021: Schedule

The beauty of Japanese knives, and other tools

Robin Hamill


In this talk I’ll be discussing my appreciation and experience with various types of Japanese knives, and hand tools; their uses and and benefits, and what makes them different from similar western tools.

The Fool’s Journey

Allison Tarr


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Get out your tarot cards (if you have some)! We’ll be doing a quick overview of the tarot as a whole and then exploring the winding path of the Fool’s Journey through the cards of the major arcana. Will it be Freudian? Feminist? Fun? –Who knows! Only time will tell.

Blame the space race: trumpism, school shootings, enron, global warming, the war on terror, and systemic racism

Gary Kovar


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For twenty years, two cold war adversaries fought to have space superiority. In July of 1969 it ended when Apollo 11 delivered Neil and Buzz to the moon and then successfully back to earth.

Humankind is no doubt better as a result, right? Right?!?!

This talk will attempt to blame all the current “bad shit”™️ on one nation’s attempt to “no fair; do-over” their way into space dominance.

Why you should care about Dungeons & Dragons (and play it too!)

Chris Reynolds


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The world is a terrifying, stressful, oftentimes horrible place. And those things happen in fiction as well. But wouldn’t it be great to go to a place of imagination, where the demons you struggle with are literal demons that take lightning damage and can be slain by your vorpal sword? Or wouldn’t you sometimes like to experiment with new ideas, new ideologies, to put yourself in other people’s shoes for a couple hours in a safe environment amongst friends? There’s more to Dungeons & Dragons than the eponymous “dungeons” and “dragons”.