BinJazzConf 2021

BinJazzConf 2021 is over but you can still watch the replay! Check out the watch page for the full, unedited video, or the schedule page for the individual talks.

Want to skip to the tl;dr:?

Welcome to the first ever BinJazzConf page! Do you enjoy Binary Jazz? Can you not get enough of us talking about random stuff? Do you long for more focused topics and somewhat more factual discussions? Then BinJazzConf is for you!

BinJazzConf is a conference for us, the creators of Binary Jazz. It’s the hypothetical introvert conference we’ve talked about many times on the show and privately. You’re all invited, of course, and we’ll stream it for you, but the only requirement is that we entertain ourselves. And are possibly entertaining to others in the process.

BinJazzConf is not a tech conference. At least, not intentionally. It’s a conference by and for people in technology (us), but it’s not about technology or specific technology.

The plan is for BinJazzConf to start at our normal recording time during which each speaker will present their topic. After all the talks are done, we’ll record a normal Binary Jazz episode. So the total running time will be ~2ish hours (depending on the number of speakers besides the 3 of us).


BinJazzConf will take place on December 10 from ~8am PT – 10am PT (depending on topic submissions).


Can I speak at BinJazzConf?

Yes! Check out the Speaking section below for details for speakers and submitting topics.

This is great, how do I watch?

We’ll be streaming it live. Probably on YouTube, but it will somewhat depend on what streaming service we end up using. The VOD will be available one week after the event as will the podcast version(s). Watch this space for more info.

How do I register?

There’s no registration fee or even a registration form. You can just watch (live or after the fact). In lieu of a registration fee, we ask that you make a donation to a favorite charity or non-profit organization. Here are a few of our favorites:

Speaking at BinJazzConf

BinJazzConf is accepting submissions from listeners and friends on any topic that excites you. Got something interesting you’d like to share with us (and, to a lesser extent, the world)? Send us your ideas!

The topics can be on anything although it’s recommended that they not be something relating to what you do for work. Format can be demo, flash talk or formal presentation on whatever you want. We encourage our speakers to focus specifically on things that make you excited.

Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length. We want this to feel fairly casual and (hopefully) less stressful. It’s all about sharing with your fellow Binary Jazzers and not about reinforcing your Brand™️, talking about your Company, Networking, or doing any of those things that people normally write presentations for.

There will not be a Q&A session afterward since it’s just us talking to ourselves and any questions we might have, we will save for the Binary Jazz episode we record afterward. If we have questions for guest speakers, they would be invited to join, but shouldn’t feel an obligation to. We can make up the answers just as well without a source of truth. 😂

How to submit a talk

Use the form on this page to submit your topic on or before December 3, 2021. If you have multiple ideas, we ask that you narrow those down to one and submit your favorite. Once we have a complete list of submitted topics, we will post a schedule on the website.

Topic submission for BinJazzConf 2021 is closed. But subscribe to our podcast to stay in the loop for a potential future BinJazzConf 2022 next year!

Can I use a presentation I’ve used before at a conference?

I mean I guess, but that would be kinda disappointing.

Can I use a presentation for BinJazzConf at another conference later?